20 Degrees Consulting and The Professional Development Centre have worked together to develop INQUIRE. This developmental approach helps those seeking greater insight into what really is going on in parts of organisations. For example, INQUIRE can be used to analyse the effectiveness of:

  • Senior teams
  • Project delivery teams
  • Departments
  • Organisational culture

Influenced by techniques such as coaching, mentoring and action learning, INQUIRE utilises observation of live organisational activities. Facilitated by a discrete team of observers / facilitators, INQUIRE can, within a short period of time, diagnose and prescribe interventions to fast-track improvements. This diagnosis is achieved by generating trust within the team and by creating the conditions for listening, reflection and understanding.

Evidence-based findings and recommendations are produced for decision makers, HR staff, senior leaders, training managers and / or development teams via an INQUIRE Report. This enables organisations to cost-effectively pin-point what really is going on, thus identifying what, and where, learning and development will be most appropriate.

If you are interested in finding out more about INQUIRE©, please contact: