Critical Leadership

Critical Leadership

Leadership abilities are needed at all levels of an organisation and not just at the very top. After many years of practice and research we understand that Critical Leadership lies at the heart of all good leadership development. It is this reflective process which allows individuals to become more self-aware and enhances the ability to adapt and change.

Our approach is active in every sense – active learning, engaging all the senses, creating environments that help to build self awareness and critical thinking. This space may be physical or mental or, indeed, both, however, it allows room for creative and mindful thought and challenges and helps to build mental resilience. The learning is always in the service of action so our success is measured through our ability to make a difference and measure change in work-place practice.

Our academic research, within both the public and private sectors, tells us that creating this environment (even for short periods of time) can change practice and behaviour that will be sustainable. All our professional programmes are built on three key concepts that underpin our philosophy and help to create more critical leaders.

PDC use these three concepts to craft tailor made solutions to organisational and behavioural change. We consider the role of leadership in the change process and how to make managers think like leaders.

Testimonials from our long established customers in both the public and private sectors prove that our interventions help people and businesses change and thrive in tough times.

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