Developing leadership capability and capacity

through creative and innovative experiential learning interventions. Based on our experience of working with a range of organizations in both the private and public sector, we believe that becoming a more effective leader involves individuals in a complex process of self awareness, changing behaviours, and on the development of a range of personal and interpersonal skills. Drawing on the work of many current leadership academics we craft this theoretical knowledge into practical tools and activities which will help to change patterns of behaviour and allow delegates to develop their leadership and management practice.

Leadership and Management Programmes

Designed to meet the needs of your organisation. Bespoke and approved programmes applying current research led ideas to the design of short and longer programmes.

Wellbeing and Resilience

Tools and techniques for individuals and organisations to consider resilience and wellbeing from a proactive rather than a reactive intervention. Normalizing the need for wellbeing and resilience development as a way of being.


Both short and long term projects undertaken. Drawing on a team of associates who can offer both strategic and operational solutions Particular strengths in understanding behavioural and cultural change.

Coaching and Mentoring

The role of the Manager as Coach – learn to use a range of mentoring and coaching tools to develop your people to their full potential. Short programmes approved by the Institute of Leadership and Management.

1:1 Coaching and Team Coaching interventions

Key note speeches

Providing a wide range of speakers capable of reaching audiences both large and small. Promoting creativity and innovation as keys to leadership development Looking to add value to any corporate learning event.


Seeking to become more strategic in your approach? Then Action Learning will help you to develop your critical reflective skills and apply them to practical “real” work problems.

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