Critical Leadership

How we learn to be better leaders

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Critical Leadership: How we learn to be better leaders
by Pamela Heneberry, Arthur Turner, David Pardey

‘Critical Leadership’ is based on the extensive practical experience of three leadership development experts. The authors have focussed in on the reality of leadership and making it accessible to all. Their unique objective is successfully achieved through an engaging, personal style which takes the reader through a process of reflecting on their leadership capability and encouraging them to think about continuous improvement. The practical approach makes this an invaluable resource for anyone wanting to develop their leadership skillset. I am sure it will be welcomed by educators and trainers as a core text for their programmes.’
Dr Sally Messenger, Leadership Consultant

‘A remarkable little book, covering aspects of leadership and leadership development that are relevant to any leadership role. Unlike other texts this combines theory, narrative and practical reflection in a creative way. Encouraging you to understand you leadership journey in a practical and pragmatic way. It uses activities and focus pints throughout the book to create a pause and personal learning. Very engaging.

I will buy this for my colleagues and I will use this in my day to day work.

Thoroughly recommend this book!’
Richard Artingstall, Director Vale Referrals

A really concise book that’s written in a fluent and accessible style. I’ve read quite a few leadership books but not come across anything that’s designed to be quite so practical to use. The content is structured well and underpinned by clear reasoning and evidence.

Heneberry, Turner and Pardey have written a really practical and accessible guide for leaders everywhere which introduces a visual and memorable model based on three key triad concepts – Knowing, Being, Doing; Thinking, Feeling, Willing; and Space, Pace, Place. The experienced authors, who have tested the ideas in this book over many years on a range of leadership programmes, guide the reader through a reflective exploration of leadership approaches and insights. The book is written to ensure that the reader reflects actively, questions what has happened and considers the context in which it has happened with a view to leading to conscious action. The book helpfully introduces a wide range of tools and activities to support the reader’s engagement with the three key concepts and provides just the right amount of detail to enable the reader to explore the model without becoming overwhelmed with any particular element. I would recommend this as a great place for a leader at any level to start reflecting on their practice and approach.
Judith Ingram, Organisational and Individual Development Specialist

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