Ethics, Emotional Intelligence and Leadership
The best leaders – at any level and in any organisation – are people who can tell the difference between right and wrong, and who choose the right course of action, not just the easiest. Furthermore, they are aware how their emotional response to events shapes their understanding and the judgements they make, including judgements about right and wrong.

This Masterclass looks at how adopting a consistent, ethical stance inspires trust and confidence in leaders and how, by understanding your own ethical decision-making, you can ensure that you perform to the standards of behaviour that embody Value Based Leadership.

Coaching in the Workplace
Aimed at the manager who would like to explore a coaching approach to their management role. This Masterclass looks at how this coaching approach can help with individual and team development. Helping people to have the confidence and skills to problem solve and think for themselves. Practice will be a key part of class and include the use of live coaching, feedback and working in coaching triads

Coaching beyond Models
This Masterclass is aimed at the experienced coach who would like to explore the creative link to coaching through the lenses of play and mediating objects. Delegates will consider ways in which coaching can move beyond just models, away from formulaic questions to an engagement of the senses and creativity as a means of developing complex thinking.

Action Learning
Action Learning as a tool for developing critical thinking and reflective practice. This Masterclass will give you the tools and techniques to form an action learning group where you can have different conversations around real work challenges – leading to action!

Strategy – What it is, and how to develop it
Strategy is one of the most used but least understood words in business. For some, strategy is a big, glossy document that takes so long to write that it is out of date before it is finished, and therefore in challenging times it is tempting to pay only lip service to the strategy process. But this is not what strategy is, and in turbulent times, the need for the clarity and focus that good strategy brings becomes even greater.

This Masterclass will give you a clear understanding of what strategy is and what factors help or hinder its development.

Personal Resilience
Individuals and organisations are becoming more aware of how they need to help their staff become more resilient in times of challenge and change. This event helps individuals to look at their own current level of resilience and how they may make changes to build and develop their wellbeing and coping mechanisms.

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