The Leadership Roadshow at the University of South Wales drew together an eclectic and interested group of over 50 practitioners and academics. Providing a stimulating and interactive space for delegates to hold meaningful debate on the notion of leadership.

In partnership with the University of South Wales and The Institute of Leadership and Management we were delighted to play a key role in the Leadership Roadshow entitled “Better Leadership: Cracking the Code.” The event explored ideas of what leadership looks like in our modern complex society and allowed us to present our Leadership framework entitled “Critical Leadership”.

Built on our academic study and practical application, through our work with both public and private organisations, the concept ‘critical leadership’ has been at the core of our leadership development programmes. Considering what leadership abilities and qualities are required at all levels in organisations, not just at the top and developing these through a reflective process, we believe, allows individuals to become more self-aware and enhances the ability to adapt and change.

The core sessions of the Leadership Roadshow encouraged delegates to ‘zoom out’ that is look at the big picture and then ‘zoom in’ understand the detail of effective leadership. Delegates were invited to engage in workshop activities to explore these concepts and then to take part in an open debate session to consider leadership within their own world of work.

Phil James, Chief Executive Officer of The Institute of Leadership and Management discussed the evolution of leadership ideas which led to a thought provoking presentation on the preliminary results of some important ILM research around ideas of what makes an Ethical Leader.