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The Professional Development Centre Ltd

  • is committed to developing leadership capability and capacity through creative and innovative experiential learning interventions.
  • Based on our experience of working with a range of organisations in both the private and public sector, we believe that becoming a more effective leader involves individuals in a complex process of self awareness, changing behaviours, and on the development of a range of personal and interpersonal skills
  • Drawing on the work of many current leadership academics we craft this theoretical knowledge into practical tools and activities which will  help to change patterns of behaviour and allow delegates to develop their leadership and management practice.

Becoming….a more critical leader

The Professional Development Centre define Critical Leadership as– “developing the ability to be self aware, to ask questions in order to gain further knowledge and insight. Critical leaders are able to check and challenge themselves in order to find new ways of ‘doing’ as well as helping others by being a true critical friend. Critical leaders strive to improve and do this by reflecting on behaviour and questioning current practice”. Leadership abilities are needed at all levels of an organisation and not just at the very top. After many years of practice and research we understand that Critical Leadership lies at the heart of all good leadership development. It is this reflective process which allows individuals to become more self-aware and enhances the ability to adapt and change.


Ethical Leadership
The best leaders – at any level and in any organisation – are people who can tell the difference between right and wrong, and who choose the right course of action, not just the easiest. Furthermore, they are aware how their emotional response to events shapes their understanding and the judgements they make, including judgements about right and wrong.

This Masterclass explores the concepts of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ and the way that different ethical stances shape your assessment about the right course of action to take. It looks at how adopting a consistent, ethical stance inspires trust and confidence in leaders and how, by understanding your own ethical decision-making, you can ensure that you perform to the standards of behaviour that you aspire to and that you generate this confidence and trust.

Coaching in the Workplace
This Masterclass will devote to time to exploring the creative link to coaching through the lenses of play and mediating objects. Firmly rooted in academic ideas and endeavour, Arthur will navigate the delegates through the ways in which coaching can become sets of intuitive arts and interventions such as practice, theory and coach/ coachee behaviours.

The Masterclass calls for a move away from formulaic questions to an engagement of managers in complex ways of thinking. Practice will be a key part of class and include the use of live coaching, feedback and working in coaching triads!

Personal Resilience
Individuals and organisations are becoming more aware of how they need to help their staff become more resilient in times of challenge and change. This half day event helps individuals to look at their own current level of resilience and how they may make changes to build and develop their wellbeing and coping mechanisms.

Through discussion, debate and activities, ask delegates to consider:

  • What is Resilience and why it is important?
  • Interventions for building personal resilience in the workplace
  • Forming new patterns of thinking/behaving
  • Action Planning going forward

Strategy – What it is, and how to develop it
Strategy is one of the most used but least understood words in business. For some, strategy is a big, glossy document that takes so long to write that it is out of date before it is finished, and therefore in challenging times it is tempting to pay only lip service to the strategy process.  But this is not what strategy is, and in turbulent times, the need for the clarity and focus that good strategy brings becomes even greater.

This Masterclass will give you a clear understanding of what strategy is and what factors help or hinder its development.

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Critical Leadership

pyramid Our approach is active in every sense – active learning, engaging all the senses, creating environments that help to build self awareness and critical thinking.  This space may be physical or mental or, indeed, both, however, it allows room for creative and mindful thought and challenges and helps to build mental resilience.  The learning is always in the service of action so our success is measured through our ability to make a difference and measure change in work-place practice.
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“We are delighted that in our first year of running a programme with the Professional Development Centre that all 13 of our ILM cohort passed. Thank you very much to the whole team who worked hard to provide individual support to each candidate”

Louise Morris
Learning and Development Manager, Certas Energy UK Limited

‘I am delighted with the ILM Level 3 Coaching Programme run by PDC since 2017; by the robust structure that has been put in place and by the professionalism and responsiveness of PDC staff.  Newly qualified managers are enthusiastically engaging in their coaching roles and are keen to progress to the next level.  Meanwhile, the latest candidates on the 3rd. Cohort are excited at the prospect of joining their peers and becoming effective workplace coaches in the New Year.  Staff have told me that they are honoured to be receiving this investment from our company and we fully anticipate that the benefits will be mutually beneficial’

Will Barrowcliffe,
Talent and Learning Specialist, D S Smith Ltd.