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The Professional Development Centre Ltd

  • is committed to developing leadership capability and capacity through creative and innovative experiential learning interventions.
  • Based on our experience of working with a range of organisations in both the private and public sector, we believe that becoming a more effective leader involves individuals in a complex process of self awareness, changing behaviours, and on the development of a range of personal and interpersonal skills
  • Drawing on the work of many current leadership academics we craft this theoretical knowledge into practical tools and activities which will  help to change patterns of behaviour and allow delegates to develop their leadership and management practice.

Becoming….a more critical leader

The Professional Development Centre define Critical Leadership as– “developing the ability to be self aware, to ask questions in order to gain further knowledge and insight. Critical leaders are able to check and challenge themselves in order to find new ways of ‘doing’ as well as helping others by being a true critical friend. Critical leaders strive to improve and do this by reflecting on behaviour and questioning current practice”. Leadership abilities are needed at all levels of an organisation and not just at the very top. After many years of practice and research we understand that Critical Leadership lies at the heart of all good leadership development. It is this reflective process which allows individuals to become more self-aware and enhances the ability to adapt and change.

Critical Leadership

pyramid Our approach is active in every sense – active learning, engaging all the senses, creating environments that help to build self awareness and critical thinking.  This space may be physical or mental or, indeed, both, however, it allows room for creative and mindful thought and challenges and helps to build mental resilience.  The learning is always in the service of action so our success is measured through our ability to make a difference and measure change in work-place practice.
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Upcoming Events

Ethical Leadership
Bute Park Education Centre, Cardiff, CF10 3DX
23rd January 2018
£80.00 + VAT
Commencing at 9.30am, concluding at 1.00pm
Lunch and refreshments provided


“We are delighted that in our first year of running a programme with the Professional Development Centre that all 13 of our ILM cohort passed. Thank you very much to the whole team who worked hard to provide individual support to each candidate”

Louise Morris
Learning and Development Manager, Certas Energy UK Limited